Fitness Phone Coaching

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    • Are you a busy professional who would like to work with a personal trainer but your schedule is too hectic for a regular appointment?
    • Have you joined a health club with expectations of attending regularly but always find excuses not to go?
  • Are you a busy professional who would like to work with a personal trainer but your schedule is too hectic for a regular appointment?

Then you need to call Robert Mitchell, Fitness Phone Coach

What is Fitness Phone Coaching?

Phone Coaching is a revolutionary new approach to fitness goal achievement. It helps you get into shape and stay on your program by coaching you how to take control of your own fitness programming and results.

Fitness coaching by phone saves you time, frustration and money. With a phone coach you have a 20 to 30 minute weekly phone session to determine your goals and exercise schedule for the week. You exercise on your own, whenever and wherever it is convenient.

Fitness coaching by phone is most valuable as a means of keeping you accountable. Too many people, for example, join a health club with expectations of attending regularly and getting fit. It’s not too difficult to keep this commitment at first, but inevitably it becomes easier to find excuses to not go, especially when no one is checking up on you.


Accountability is essential! One of the most important goals of phone coaching is to teach you how to become your own independent coach and motivator. Fitness phone coaching gives you the benefit of the knowledge of an expert coach and personal trainer who will help you set goals, show you how to reach those goals, and make sure you attain them. By learning how to exercise on your own, you will be able to create a lifelong habit.

Phone coaching has already helped thousands of people across the nation to reach new fitness goals. Researchers at Stanford University have been studying phone-based exercise counseling for over 20 years.

They have found astounding results – after six months of phone coaching, up to 90% of the subjects were still exercising on their own. Those people who had a coach to guide them and to hold them accountable were more successful and exercised independently, working with their coach by phone.

If you are ready to take charge of your health and fitness and finally reach you goals, phone coaching may exactly what you are looking for. Your success may be just a phone call away!

The Fitness Phone Coach System is DESIGNED FOR YOUR SUCCESS:

  1. To get you fit!
  2. To keep you very motivated!
  3. To get you the results that truly matter to you!

Together, we will ensure that you get results quickly and safely while having fun.


How does the Fitness Phone Coach System work?
The Fitness Phone Coach System is based on a 20-minute phone call once a week with your Fitness Phone Coach The process starts from the day you decide to sign up. You will be sent a few forms and worksheets to prepare for our first coaching session.

In your initial Fitness Phone Coaching session we begin by jointly defining your goals, and we discuss your preferences and your present lifestyle habits. We then build the plan to achieve them. Your Fitness Phone Coach will subsequently design a highly personalized, progressive and specific weekly fitness and activity strategy for you.

Your goals from one day to the next can vary quite a bit. This drastically reduces boredom and injuries, and also it maximizes your results and minimizes your time achieving them.

You will work your program each week, attaining your daily goals with the flexibility and freedom provided in your daily schedule. Prior to your scheduled weekly phone sessions, you will email or fax your Fitness Phone Coach your Fitness Logs & Journals.

During each coaching session we will discuss the prior week’s fitness performance; nutrition, activity, workouts (how you did, how hard or easy were the workouts, did you reach your goals, problems encountered/resolved, etc.) and we also discuss your upcoming week and set your goals for the upcoming week.

That’s what makes this whole program so successful. There is no guessing at what to do, how fast to do it, or how long to do it for; YOU JUST DO IT!

Fitness Phone Coaching is an amazing opportunity. Not only do you get to talk each week with an advanced personal trainer for 20 minutes about your program, but you also get unlimited access to your coach 7 days a week by phone, fax, or email. If you have any questions about your program, you just fire away with your questions or comments. It really is THAT simple.


Benefits of the Fitness Phone Coach System:

    • You will use simple and effective logs and journals to monitor your fitness progress, which will maximize your exercise and training time, which will allow you to reach your goals even faster.
    • You will save time by not having to travel to sessions with a personal trainer.
    • You learn to exercise more efficiently, spending less time and getting even better results.
    • You will develop your own unique style of motivation to exercise while you enjoy the process. These new skills will help you in each area of your life.
    • You control where you workout – at home, at your health club, at work or while traveling for business. You will even be able to do some segments outside if you wish.
    • You will follow your training program while you travel. It’s perfect for you, the busy person who is always on the go.
    • You will eliminate sporadic exercise sessions; optimize your time, energy and money you invest in your fitness training program.
  • You are in total control of your schedule. You have no exercise appointments that are timed. This allows you to be more productive with your whole day.

Get started now and benefit from this unique fitness training opportunity.


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