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About Robert J. Mitchell

Robert J Mitchell, CPT

Robert J Mitchell, CPT

https://bstrencontre.fr/senior-naturiste/ https://bstincontri.it/come-costruire-la-vostra-autostima/I am honored that you https://bstrencontre.fr/mobile-gay/ https://bstincontri.it/rules-of-conduct/ have selected me to be your personal professional fitness consultant and personal coach. Together, we will develop a map to guide you toward your fitness goals. We will move from the NOW into the f job finder uture you have envisioned for yourself.

I am a results-oriented, self-motivated, peak performing professional with 11+years of progressive experience in health and fitness. I am an effective problem solver who enjoys the challenge of helping individuals achieve their goals and accomplishing their objectives. I’m dedicated to ensuring your success and helping make fitness fun.

I put emphasis in exercising physiology, designing fitness programs and nutritional plans for women and men in the following fitness segments:

  1. Nutritional Planning
  2. Sports Specific Training
  3. Post Rehabilitation
  4. Senior Fitness
  5. Cardiovascular Endurance Training
  6. Muscular Endurance Training
  7. Overall Conditioning
  8. Weight Loss and Weight Gain
  9. Strength Training
  10. Competition Training

I am a certified professional personal trainer who’s passion is health and fitness. I specialize in personalized programs focusing on the specific needs of my client and their individual goals.

Whether you need to lose 40 lbs., want to tone up or bulk up, I can help you lose fat, gain muscle, and get the healthy strong body you have always wanted! You can create the change you want–TODAY!

After working in the health industry, I recognize the common frustrations so many feel in trying to achieve fitness goals. I realized that many people were confused or overwhelmed with the abundance of information a работа найти ailable today. I help clients understand their specific nutritional and fitness needs. I have discovered that most can flourish with a practical and individualized focus on achieving their fitness goals. This is achieved through on-going education and continual motivation.

I work one on one with clients, but also offer buddy sessions. My primary goal is to treat you as an individual and honor your specific desired fitness goals. And secondly, I want to help you unlock your full potential by focusing on a balance between food intake, proper nutrition, moderate cardiovascular activity, supplementation and resistance training.

Bottom Line: I believe every individual has the ability to change with motivation, accountability and guidance.